October 2018 Speakers:
  • 10/02:  Summit Daily - Ian Donovan
  • 10/09:  Exchange Students - Janica & Borja
  • 10/16:  The Leadership and Community Education Academy - Christine Katzenmeyer
  • 10/23:  Arc Thrift Stores / Down's Book - Luke Stahmer
  • 10/30:  Breckenridge Heritage Alliance - Cindy Hintgen
  • 10/02:  Summit Daily - Ian Donovan
    • Wow, who knew that the Summit Daily and parent company Swift had so much going on?!
    • Ian reviewed the wide variety of services and products produced by the company, including the Summit Daily, Weekender, Explore Summit, Visitor Guide, Bike Guide, Investigative reporting series, SC Home/Luxury magazines, Best of Summit Awards/Event, the "Give" program, Digital Optimization services (such as SEO), the shared event calendar, and more.
    • We reviewed some impressive numbers around the website traffic that the Summit Daily and Everything Summit sites receive online...  Great opportunity for businesses to advertise, non-profits like ourselves to "get the word out", and readers to benefit from knowing all of the great things that our community has to offer!
    • The approach is very consultative, working together with the full team of writers, designers, etc. to provide the best services to those advertising and providing content for the various media produced.
    • He emphasized the primary goals or points to leave behind with us - They are here to help people, be a local community partner, let us know that the free model works here!, and it is really important that they remain relevant.
    • Next Steps for BMR:  We completed our initial information for the "Give" magazine and agreed to the spread we will have there, we discussed the options for upcoming "wraps" for the Summit Daily, and Candy has been wonderful in additionally getting our Young Professionals event onto the shared community calendar.
    • Website: https://www.summitdaily.com
  • 10/09:  Exchange Students - Janica & Borja
    • We were delighted to hear from Borja about his hometown of Valencia, Spain, followed by Janica about Finland.
    • We learned a lot about the culture, food, some of the typical activities that they participate in back home, and some of the things that they're looking forward to during their year here in Summit County.
    • It was really fun having Teresa join us, as well.  She is one of our "Youth Exchange Committee" members - She serves as a Youth Exchange Officer (YEO), along with Lisa & Jenni also pictured here.  She organizes the Ski Weekend for the district in January, and she has also recently helped host a student.  This program has so many benefits to the students and to our clubs.
    • Next Steps for BMR:  Buy a Cookbook!
      • We are excited to see the results of their upcoming fundraiser, a Cookbook from around the world, all of the students from our district are putting it together now.  Stay tuned, and if you're interested in supporting our students to raise money towards their bus trip, it would be a really fun cause!  What a great idea!
      • Sign up to help our students experience Colorado!  Take them to a Nuggets game, Breck. Theatre, Bowling, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating...  There are so many great things to offer in our own county and down in Denver.  Participating in this "bucket list" can really help you have more interaction with the students, learn about their home culture, and provide them with opportunities that they may not otherwise experience!  Contact Jenni or Lisa for more information.

In November, we'll be hearing from Mental Health Colorado, have time for Club Business, and others to be scheduled.
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